Allie Johnson

I joined Rhodes in June 2019.  Before that time, I worked in several customer service positions that were in retail and banking.  I probably wouldn’t have thought about applying at Rhodes had a District Manager not reached out to me directly.  The District Manager explained what Rhodes had to offer not just in a job but a career.  Before our conversations, I thought of Rhodes as just a gas station.  After being hired, I quickly realized that Rhodes is much more than a gas station.  It’s family.  I’ve met so many people here who have become a big part of my life.  I’ve learned so much and have already been given opportunities for advancement in less than four years.

Working at Rhodes is fast paced, and that’s another reason I love it here.  It could become hectic if it weren’t for the team members who keep things fun.  One of those team members is Brandy Roberts, my former General Manager and current District Manager.  She creates a fun work environment and always goes the extra mile to make team members feel valued.  In return, any of her team members would do anything for her.

I have several examples I could share with you about how we balance out the face pace with light hearted fun, but one memory I have of Brandy comes to mind first.  I won a sales competition within my district.  The prize was smashing pies in my General Manager’s face.  Brandy was in for it!  She squealed, laughed and took the joke very well.

Although my time at Rhodes has been short, I plan on sticking around much longer.  Rhodes takes care of its team members.  I’ve already been given opportunities to be General Manager over my own store and Assistant Manager to a brand new store that is rapidly growing.  I look forward to taking advantage of every opportunity I receive and have set a personal goal to earn the Best of the Best General Manager Award someday.

I encourage anyone looking for place they can grow professionally while keeping their work life enjoyable to consider applying for a job at Rhodes.  My advice to anyone who gets hired is to get to know your guests.  It makes the job fun and rewarding because you’ll see the same guests every day.  Knowing them will make your days so much better.

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