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Jen Blair

Hi, I’m Jen Blair, the Imo’s Pizza Restaurant Manager in Perryville.  I am actually employed by PAJCO (the company that owns Rhodes and six Imo’s Pizza restaurants), which owns my Imo’s Pizza franchise.  I joined PAJCO in December 2018 after seeing a “now hiring” message on the reader board outside my Imo’s Pizza location.  I had worked in a restaurant and another convenience store before coming here.  Now, PAJCO is my home.  I plan to retire with this company.  There are so many opportunities and a variety of jobs here, which makes PAJCO so much more than a gas station. 

Before coming here, I was completely oblivious to the amount of hard work it takes to run a convenience store.  There are so many moving parts, each one is equally as important as the next.  That’s why it was such a big deal for me to earn my first perfect score on an in-store inspection followed by my second.

My teammates are obviously very important to our daily operations.  We aren’t just doing a job.  We’re working as a team and a family.  We care about each other.  Period.  That care helps us honor PAJCO’s first core value, respect and trust our team and guests. 

Everyone I have met throughout PAJCO is warm, genuine and just plain happy.  That means a lot to me because I will not settle for anything but happiness in my life.  Several of my team members have contributed to my happiness including Tony Shelton, Director of Food.  Tony is very honest and straight forward.  I respect that quality in a person.  My District Manager, Brent Bohnert, is someone I can call day or night, and he will answer or call me right back.  He has so much experience and quality advice.  My General Manager, Taylor Old, has helped me earn my Restaurant Manager position.  He is my partner and someone who works alongside me in this role.  Taylor has always provided me with great support.

Our core value of respect and trust is also illustrated by PAJCO’s understanding that its team members need work-life balance.  That balance allows me to be very active in my kids’ extracurricular activities and also contributes to my overall happiness.

If you believe that hard work pays off, I encourage you to consider joining Rhodes.  There is so much room for growth.  The sky really is the limit.  Get started by visiting www.Rhodes101.com and submitting your application online. 

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