Stephanie Powell

Hi, I’m Stephanie Powell, Help Desk Manager at Rhodes.  I am based in the Cape Girardeau corporate office.  I’ve been with Rhodes since December 2008.  My career path at Rhodes has taken me to several stores and through various positions.  The experience has been as complex and unique as I am.  For that reason, I am so thankful that Rhodes allows me to let my freak flag fly and encourages employees to be innovative and make improvements.  They truly honor their core values including to empower all well-trained team members.

Throughout high school and college, I worked a variety of customer service jobs.  One job that prepared me the most for joining Rhodes was working in the dietary department of a nursing home.  While making and serving trays to residents, I was humbled and began to see the world in a different light.  I learned the value of family and how one smile can completely change someone’s day. 

I joined Rhodes on a recommendation from my college roommate.  She worked at the Rhodes location on North Sprigg Street and really liked it.  I got hired there and worked additional jobs on the side.  No matter where I worked, there was always a sense of “home” at Rhodes.

Five years after joining Rhodes, I entered its Management Trainee Program.  My upward momentum within the company took off from there.  In my first year of the program, I worked as a store Operations Manager of two stores.  A year later, I requested a store transfer to be closer to my family.  I reached out to Rhodes President Brent Anderson to request my transfer.  Brent came back with an opportunity for me to be the General Manager at the Dexter, Mo. Rhodes.  I had only ever driven through the town once, but I needed a fresh start following some personal issues.  After several interviews and many conversations, Brent stood up, extended his hand and congratulated me for being chosen for the role.  In shock, I stood up, opened my arms and said, “Bring it in,” motioning my hands inward for a hug.  I remember thinking afterwards that I should have controlled myself, but I was just too excited.

I’m proud of what I accomplished at Dexter because it prepared me for my current Help Desk position.  I won two first place and two second place awards in my division in 2016 and 2018.  I won the title for Best of the Best Highest Inspection Average in 2017 and 2018.  I was selected as a training store for two years from 2016 to 2018 in which I was responsible for training individuals that would eventually take their places at some of our newest locations.  I assisted in several store openings and was a member of an audit team that assisted in full store audits.  For those reason, my favorite Rhodes’ core value is “Empower all well-trained team members.”  Rhodes puts the ball in their team members’ courts to make our stores and positions what we want them to be.  Our teams set the tone for each location.  I’m thankful to know that Rhodes encourages and utilizes employee feedback to implement change and even more thankful to be part of it.

I initially wasn’t planning to make a career at Rhodes; however, I was fortunate enough to join the management program at Rhodes.  It gave me the opportunity to work closely with our corporate staff and managers all while gaining more and more knowledge of the business.  What sold me on building a career and growing with Rhodes was the people that I would be able to do it with.  After working at Rhodes for ten years, I was ready for something different.  I’ve always welcomed change and have been a fan of helping people.  When I saw there was a Help Desk position available at the office, I applied with hopes that my knowledge of the business and years of experience would prove to be effective in that role.

Rhodes has been my home since I was 18 years old.  If I’m leaving, someone is going to be dragging me out of here!  My experience at Rhodes has been life changing.  When I dropped out of college, I thought that was it for me.  I didn’t have a backup plan and wasn’t sure where to go from there.  Rhodes was there to pick up the pieces and offered me an opportunity to be successful.  When my personal issues overshadowed my ability to work, my Rhodes family was there to encourage and support me every step of the way.  When I needed to start over, Rhodes reached out and offered me an amazing opportunity as a General Manager.  When my son had open heart surgery, Rhodes was there reaching out every step of the way.  When I lost my mom, Rhodes was there for my family and showed endless support.  These examples don’t even scratch the surface of what Rhodes has done for me.  I truly cannot express how thankful I am for this family and their willingness to take me along with all my crazy!

Rhodes challenges team members to be better tomorrow than they were today.  They reward teams for their hard work and showcase those that go above and beyond for the business and communities.  Rhodes is not a typical company where someone says, “jump,” and you ask “how high.”  Of course, there are expectations in every role, but our leaders are right there jumping beside us.  Our owners and leadership team are right there cooking up hot dogs and serving them to guests, wearing giant burger costumes and are even inside our stores helping guests.  It’s the type of company that has established a family-like culture that I know I am lucky to be part of.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that.

So, I encourage anyone looking for a change or a team who supports you for who you are, even through your struggles, to apply for a job at Rhodes.  Visit to learn more about career opportunities at Rhodes and to submit an application. 

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