Traci Lowry

Hi, I’m Traci Lowry, Culture & Training Specialist at Rhodes.  I joined Rhodes in June 1996 after spending 12 years in fast food restaurant management with Hardees.  I owe my decision to join Rhodes to Lisa Halter, another long-time Rhodes team member.  She convinced me that I could be part of a company that is growing and dedicated to its employees as well as its guests.  Lisa couldn’t have been more right.

When I joined Rhodes, I really didn’t know much about the brand.  It didn’t take me long to realize that Rhodes is more than a gas station.  It’s actually a culture, and that culture is to treat employees and guests as family.  Long ago, I quit thinking of Rhodes as my employer because all my teammates and guests have become family.  My guests are family because in one way or another, they bring something into my store to make me smile.  My teammates, including my superiors, are my family because they have taken the time to really get to know me.

The transition from employee to family member takes me to one of my best memories since joining Rhodes.  My teammates know I love riding motorcycles, and I’m a huge Harley-Davidson fan.  One year, I placed in Rhodes’ annual Best of the Best Awards, the company’s top honors.  Rather than giving me a gift that could be given to just any team member, I was given a Harley-Davidson leather jacket!  This example shows that Rhodes gets to know its team members personally and works hard to make them happy.

Rhodes also goes the extra mile to show its team members how much they are trusted.  Store managers and their team get to make choices that other companies would never allow.  We are permitted to make mistakes and learn from them.  This trust is embodied in my favorite core value at Rhodes; empower all well-trained team members.

The people I work with and serve at Rhodes will always remain my favorite thing about working at Rhodes.  If I had to name who my favorites have been over the past two decades, I would have too many to mention.  The list would include part-time cashiers all the way up to the owners.  For this reason, I would encourage anyone to consider joining Rhodes.  There is no ceiling in this company.  You can go as far as you wish.  Stay positive even in the tough times, and it will only get better!  I hope you will visit to learn more about career opportunities at Rhodes and to submit an application.  My next new family member could be you.  

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