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Great place for your travel needs
My favorite place to fill up. On average the employees are very nice, gas prices aren't the worst in the area, for the most part it's very clean, and a great place to stop when you're heading out of town or coming into town. The location is perfect. Food is generally pretty good, but breakfast is inconsistent as far as when its available. Only complaint is about some of the younger employees early in the morning, they don't get any breakfast food ready and just hang out talking to other people who hang out there, I have to either stand at the counter for a minute to be acknowledged or say something to the younger employees, who constantly chit chat, that I'm ready to check out. When breakfast isn't ready I typically take my business elsewhere, to both fill up and get food since most places aren't open in the morning. Sometimes food from the previous day are still sitting out and thats all thats available to eat in the morning. When a few particular younger employees are working the card readers never work and they play awful music. The older employees on the otherhand seem to always have breakfast ready when I come in early in the morning and are actually working, music choice is more decent and enjoyable, they acknowledge customers when they enter and leave the store, and they're very kind.
Right across the bridge in Cape, great deli food friendly staff.
Fast and convenient service. Friendly employees. Usually well stocked. Large variety of fountain sodas.
I have been to alot of gas stations from (Viroqua Wisconsin my home town where I was born and raised.
LaCrosse Wisconsin, and many gas stations from there to this Cape Girardeau Missouri and it is so different from what I have been use to.
Here Road's (I forgot the best part they have this chicken its called Chester chicken so good.
The people are friendly, the Road's around Missouri. ( i could go on and on but don't take my words on how great a place it is.STOP IN FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.
The morning crew here is super friendly and keeps the store nice and clean!


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