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Best breakfast burritos ever
Honestly, I liked it better before the remodel. But, at least this location still has the older style soda pop dispensable. With a gallon of vanilla & cherry syrups optional for use. Although, I DO wish that they had a Pepsi fountain too, also in the older style. But with Pepsi O [my favorite](formerly Pepsi Max) and other classic flavor ZERO sugar flavors, so there will be something for everybody. Still there would be something for everybody!
I'll give them 5 stars bc I've been here twice with no issues and mostly bc I don't like illiterate douche canoes like the poster below who cannot even form a proper sentence yet feels necessary to talk down about others. As the parent of an autistic adult child, I found his review beyond offensive. My autistic child can write a better review than he did. She can also write in complete sentences, but so can most 5th graders. Too bad Charles obviously did not make it that far, bless his heart. The owner of this store definitely sounds like he has better morals than the guy, and they earned my respect by the way they defended their employees over his ignorance. With that said, the food is good, and I'll stop here anytime.
Don't know why all the hate. This stop has everything the Truckers need (yes, capital T). Pizza was great. Showers here. Free parking. Lobby, laundry. Great people.


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